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Month June 2018

GOOGLETECHNOLOGY Google’s AR measurement app to be soon available on Android phones

Google’s Measure app comes to ARCore compatible devices Google has released a new version of its measurement app via augmented reality (AR), called the ‘Measure’ that is compatible with the ARCore platform, including most recent flagships. For those unaware, Apple… Continue Reading →

How will Cambridge Analytica change social media for business?

Social media for business is about to change, and you’ve got Cambridge Analytica to thank for that. While GDPR might end up something of a damp squib, Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data has raised genuine concerns about online privacy. We’re… Continue Reading →

Apache Kafka Tutorial

A Walkthrough Kafka is an Apache project initially developed by LinkedIn. It is a distributed publish-subscribe messaging system. It is designed to process real time activity stream data such as logs and metric collections. It is written in Scala and… Continue Reading →