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Month December 2018

1.4 Billion Plain-Text Credentials Leaked On The Dark Web

Searchable database of unencrypted Usernames and passwords available online   Security experts have found a 41-gigabyte (GB) archive containing over 1.4 billion unencrypted user credentials on the Dark Web, which had been updated at the end of November. The huge database… Continue Reading →

Google decides to kill off Google+ earlier than planned

Another data leak forces Google to close down Google+ in April 2019 In October this year, we had reported how personal data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ social media users were exposed after a software glitch between 2015 and March 2018…. Continue Reading →

Monitoring your network

Monitoring automatically your web server allows you to be alerted anytime the server “goes down” or when there are some serious performance issues with it. This is crucial especially when you run a commercial business online and your business depends on… Continue Reading →

DDOS attack and how to migitate it

DDOS is a short name of Distributed Denial Of Service, where multiple infected systems target a particular site or server causing the legitimate requests to fail (denial of service).Victims of DDOS attack consist of both the end target system and… Continue Reading →

How to setup Quad9 DNS on a Linux

How to setup Quad9 DNS on a Linux   Domain Name Servers (DNS) are essential for the Internet. Every computer or mobile device use DNS to access websites, email servers, APIs and other stuff. One must configure a DNS service. You… Continue Reading →

Nagios : Quick install and configuration guide (Version 1.0)

  Nagios : Quick install and configuration guide (Version 1.0) In our last post, we had discussed about network monitoring tools.  There I had mentioned about Nagios, a monitoring tool which can be installed on the server. In this post,… Continue Reading →