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Month December 2020

How to Reduce the Size of Your WordPress Database

The maintenance of your WordPress website is almost as important as it’s initial development. At first, you do not have to worry about it, but in time, you will add a lot of new data on your website that can… Continue Reading →

Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS Released

An all-new Linux kernel release is here, so in this post we do our level best to rundown the core changes and key features ticking away at the heart of it. Linux 5.10 is the latest mainline kernel update (as… Continue Reading →

CentOS Linux is dead—and Red Hat says Stream is “not a replacement”

On Tuesday, Red Hat CTO Chris Wright and CentOS Community Manager Rich Bowen each announced a massive change in the future and function of CentOS Linux. Moving forward, there will be no CentOS Linux—instead, there will (only) be CentOS Stream. Originally announced… Continue Reading →

How to Use Headings Correctly on Your Site

When editing pages on your website, you will notice that there are various Heading Levels in the text editor – from Heading 1 (H1) to Heading 6 (H6). The order of headings goes by size and importance. Headings help both… Continue Reading →

Improving Server Security (Firewall, Tools, Rules, and Tips)

Securing your server from any kind of attacks is a key part of any web hosting provider or system administrator. You should implement a strong security policy to minimize risks and keep your data safe. There are several tips and… Continue Reading →