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I’m a smart person, I just do stupid things. And when people ask me, "why are you so weird?" I never know what to say. But then I realized why I would be like 'THIS ' when I could be like 'ttthhiiisss'??

How to Reduce the Size of Your WordPress Database

The maintenance of your WordPress website is almost as important as it’s initial development. At first, you do not have to worry about it, but in time, you will add a lot of new data on your website that can… Continue Reading →

Improving Server Security (Firewall, Tools, Rules, and Tips)

Securing your server from any kind of attacks is a key part of any web hosting provider or system administrator. You should implement a strong security policy to minimize risks and keep your data safe. There are several tips and… Continue Reading →

BitNinja – The Road to Success with the new Browser Integrity Check Feature

One of the major challenges as a web hosting provider is keeping all our servers and all customers’ websites secured. We always prioritise security, making sure to implement all possible active and passive measures in order to block all attacks… Continue Reading →

How to push/send message to iOS and Android from Linux CLI

One of the essential tasks for developers and sysadmin is to get an alert notification about failed services or running out of disk space and other critical failures. Let us see how to send or push a direct message to… Continue Reading →

VMware Sells Its Government Cloud Business to QTS

VMware has agreed to sell its government cloud business to QTS Realty Trust, one of the biggest data center service providers in the US. The deal comes about a month after VMware, now majority-owned by Dell, announced a major shift in… Continue Reading →

YouTube marketing: How to embed video in your social media strategy

The popularity of YouTube marketing has grown massively among brands in recent years. With over 1.9bn monthly users and a greater reach than many TV networks, that’s hardly a surprise. In this blog, we’ll discuss how SME owners can make YouTube… Continue Reading →

How to setup Quad9 DNS on a Linux

How to setup Quad9 DNS on a Linux   Domain Name Servers (DNS) are essential for the Internet. Every computer or mobile device use DNS to access websites, email servers, APIs and other stuff. One must configure a DNS service. You… Continue Reading →

Dark Social – Understand and Track it

If your analytics is telling you that your site gets a lot of direct traffic, there’s a good chance it can’t properly determine where the traffic is coming from. This is especially true if they’re supposedly visiting inner pages with… Continue Reading →

What is influencer marketing for small businesses?

Influencer marketing for small businesses is a relatively new concept, but one you shouldn’t ignore. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the idea and highlight the key benefits/pitfalls to help you work out whether it’s worth considering for your… Continue Reading →

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